Monday, April 02, 2007

can someone remind me what the first n in cnn stands for again?

teen star feels pressure to be thin

This story provides a stunning contradiction to the multitudes out there who believed American culture and mass media were completely indifferent to whether teenage girls are thin or fat.

BTW: Writing this during an hour of downtime in my trip to Los Angeles. I'm enjoying my trip. Last night on my way to dinner I passed these two stores, The Giant Robot Store and Giant Robot 2, that I am hoping to find a way of making an actual visit to. I don't think I could fit a giant robot in my luggage, but perhaps they ship.


Constance said...

They DO ship. I bought a pair of lego earrings from them that Dorotha drew my attention to.

Anonymous said...

But but --- will they be able to get it up the stairs and into your apartment?

Ken Houghton said...

The first "N" is for "Neverland," the place in which Raise Your Voice and The Perfect Man were worth watching, and aging tweens realised that Lizzie McGuire (which I watched from 9/11 until the Columbia exploded) was sustained by the writing and the character actors.