Friday, April 20, 2007

by comparison, last year 700 americans were killed by poisonous gases

Via Kristina via Eszter. I wanted to look at the comparable graphs for economics and anthropology, but couldn't figure out how to get the NSF web software to produce it.

Update: Tom B sent me a link to the numbers for economics. (Thanks also to Nan and Kim for sending these numbers to me as well.)


Tina said...

If these PhDs actually make it to tenure-track jobs, then the gender inequality literature predicts that the relative salaries in sociology will remain stagnant or go down while other more manly disciplines increases. So far, though, the men still outnumber women in PhD-granting sociology departments, especially in the top departments. Here's a pdf of an article by Jackie Gabriel on the topic, unfortunately buried within the SWS newsletter; it's on page 16.

Tom Bozzo said...

Jeremy, I e-mailed you a link to an economics table I extracted... it confirms my observation from the '95 AEA meetings that there were an awful lot of (male) geeks hanging around.