Tuesday, April 10, 2007

shout-out to the birthday girl!

(my mother and me, on a road trip in the early days of this weblog)

My mother turns 71 today. When my mother was my age, her sixth child was already over a year old and showing signs of being alternately the shyest and the most talkative member of the family.

On a related front, I learned last week that the father of a chair of a sociology department on the East Coast worked at the same meatpacking plant that my father did, and has a nephew that lives in my hometown. I'm used to sociology being a small world and rural Iowa being a small world, but not those two small world colliding.


rps said...

Happy birthday, Mrs. Freese!

That's a great picture, by the way...the family resemblance is quite apparent (and adorable).

Lucy said...

Happy birthday, Mrs Freese :)
That is a cute photo.

H said...

It is a small world, after all. I ran into someone (that I didn't know) from Manson yesterday at a rest stop. You try to get from your hometown and it follows you anyhow!

Carol said...

That's a lovely photo that you've posted. I wish your mother a wonderful belated birthday!Hope that she has a healthy and great life ahead!