Friday, April 20, 2007

semicircumgooglequest denied!


People are passing around news of this feature on Google Maps where you can get driving directions from the US to Europe, so long as you are willing to swim across the Atlantic Ocean (see Chris). I tried to see if I could get it to stretch halfway across the globe (12,450 miles). Given actual work to do, I had to abandon the expedition only 120 miles from my goal. So close!


Ken Houghton said...

The fifth or sixth time I saw this, someone noted that NYC-Dublin was significantly shorter than Dublin-NYC.

Check your goal (or as far as you got) and see if the same is true.

Anonymous said...

google maps must take into account the the gulf stream and tidal differences in east-west versus west-east travel

rps said...

I've been unable to generate the equivalent of #23 or 24 (see Chris' post) for trans-Pacific routes.