Friday, January 27, 2006

not the reason I usually wear button-down shirts to work, but a reason why it is a good idea

I had two meetings earlier today, one with a professor here at Harvard. Later when I was in the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and thought my shirt looked like it was on backwards. I checked, and it was. As I took it off to put it on the right way, I looked at myself in my T-shirt in the mirror and thought it looked like it was on backwards, too. It was.

(Too bad, of course, that I hadn't been teaching in the morning so a student could have set me right.)


eszter said...

And the other meeting was with whom?:) You're good at building up suspense.

Anonymous said...

how did you button the shirt up?

jeremy said...

This would have been one of the unusual days in which I did not where a button down shirt.

Anonymous said...

oh -- i get the title now. i think of 'button down' shirts as the ones where the collar is buttoned to the shirt.

Anonymous said...

Shirt on backwards: Prof thought you were a clergyman?

Jennifer said...

I had a teacher in high school who would always wear her shirt backwards on the first day of class to see if any of her new, freshman students would call her on it... sort of a "the emperor has no clothes" kind of thing (I think).

She was weird. She also (along with other teachers) sent freshmen to different teachers' classes asking for the "paper-stretcher."

I was one of those gullible students who didn't figure it out until the the third football coach/history teacher I was sent to let me in on the joke.