Tuesday, January 03, 2006

a collaborator of mine makes the new york times

Here she is, in the NYT:
"Stuart and Sheri Meland, both 28, put their graduate studies on hold in 2002 and started a business that offers sellers a spot on the traditional multiple listing service, plus a yard sign, for a flat fee of $399. Most sellers agree to pay a buyer's agent a 3 percent commission, show the home themselves and either negotiate on their own or hire a lawyer."
I will leave it for readers to judge whether a life in real estate is more exciting than collaborating with me on a paper about the measurements of centerfold models and beauty pagaent winners (or a second paper we have, presently under review, on the long-term life correlates of the way people smile in their high-school yearbook photographs).

Here's a link to their business, btw.

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Karton said...

Congrats to your collaborator for making the NYT. I won't register at the NYT site, so I haven't read the story. I can say, however, going from the concept, that I wish your collaborator would expand (or franchise or whatever makes sense) the service to western Wisconsin. Thanks for the info!