Monday, January 02, 2006

because you've just been dying to know

Jeremy's Three Favorite Names of Stops on the Boston T (colors indicate lines):
1. Wonderland
2. Back of the Hill
3. Maverick
Runner up: Milton

I've thought about taking the train to the Wonderland stop (it's the end of the line) just to see what it's about and get a picture of/on the bench.


Anonymous said...

Sure, go out to Wonderland. There's a dog track. Nothing to see unless you like big asphalt parking lots.
But it's a couple of blocks from Revere Beach. You can jog there.

Tom Bozzo said...

You might also check out the film "Next Stop Wonderland," starring the sublime Hope Davis.

Anonymous said...

Careful where you go, old boy. Those smelly tidal mudflats around Wonderland: something like NJ Turnpike area for final resting place of no-goodniks.

Anonymous said...

Those are all impressive. I think, though, that nothing beats the imagery evoked by "Foggy Bottom" in Washington, DC.

Anonymous said...

Awwww...Foggy Bottom was my DC stop back in the day. Good times.

astrid jane said...

Bwagh, I ended up going swimming (well, quasi-swimming) at Revere Beach once. I was in Boston visiting a friend in mid-summer, it was hot and I was bored.

I waded in up to my waist, I think, and realized that the water around me was home to a breathtaking school of white plastic grocery bags. It was sort of a Jacques Costeau moment, actually. I'm sure the more elusive and shy used condoms and plastic tampon applicators could have also been spotted had I taken the time to search and had the appropriate gear for a day of aquatic exploration (Field guides to local marine life, goggles, snorkel, etc....)

I didn't, though, aaaand I somehow felt the urge to go throw up. A shame. Be more prepared than I was, if you take a field trip to Revere Beach, Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

If JF doesn't want to go out walking in 38 degree temperature, he'll hardly want to go swimming at Revere, even if he doesn't mind floating salami and plastic (somehow, I have the idea he doesn't EVER go swimming —).

Revere in winter = pizza or whatever from the one concession that seems never to close. Sit on the concrete wall and munch away.