Sunday, January 01, 2006

but, but, i was going to have all this resolve. i was sure of it.

Today was way more lethargic and unfocused to be the first day of a brand new year. I want a mulligan. Can I even say that? Or is that now regarded as a slur against the Irish or something? Great, so now I've not only started the new year out by being ridiculously listless and unproductive, but a potentially a purveyor of politically questionable language here on my blog. Of the many optimistic visions I had for the New Year, none had me starting off all hapless and borderline-hate-speechy. I just want a do-over, okay? A do-over. I want to be able to click "Undo" on today and start again.

Why did Groundhog Day take place on Groundhog Day rather than New Years' Day? If there was going to be one day in the year that a person was going to live over and over until they got it exactly right, Day 1 would seem like an ideal choice, rather than Day 33.


Anonymous said...

Mulligan and paddy wagon aren't slurs. Just a recognition of how words enter the vocabulary.

Heard of "boycott" ?

Anonymous said...

Also, if you run, you have to keep it up.

Otherwise, most runners who get into a serious routine -- you're trainng for a marathon, right? -- then skip days, report being crabby from having all that extra energy that doesn't get converted.

There is a science behind this, that I can't explain here. But maybe find yourself a decent runner's magazine if you are serious about training and competing. It may help you physically progress, and also keep you from feeling down.

islander said...

Why resign yourself to having blown the first day of the new year when you can join me in deciding that 1/1 is really a poor date for new beginnings? Move it back a couple of months, I say!