Monday, January 23, 2006

crimes of contiguity

Sometimes one of the women who live next door to me will cough or something, and I'll be reminded of how thin the walls between our two apartments are. Such reminders are especially disconcerting when I have been singing "David Duchovny, why won't you love me? David Duchovny! WHY WON'T YOU LOVE ME!" (here) in my maximum-decibel falsetto less than a half hour before.

Of course, before I realized how thin the walls were, I tested the echo acoustic of the empty apartment prior to my furniture being moved in by using this same falsetto to sing the "You might just make it after all" line from the Mary Tyler Moore theme over and over again.


Anonymous said...

It's neighbors like you that make apartment-living so darn interesting :)

Singing in a falsetto at the top of your lungs, though, really, is understandable. Meanwhile, my friend's neighbor who took a shower at least 6 times a day everyday was a little unusual.

Rhymes With Scrabble said...

The first month I was in my current apartment, I'm pretty sure I heard the neighbors having a threesome. So I guess there are twow ways to look at it: either it doesn't matter what I do, because hey, I heard them having a threesome, or I need to just pretend that no one can hear anything even though I have plenty of evidence (even forgetting the threesome) that this is not the case, because thinking about it will just make me nuts.

At least I've never let my alarm go off for TWO SOLID HOURS ON A SATURDAY MORNING. Like some people who live in this building.

Anonymous said...

i suspect it's hard to reach out for the alarm clock when in the thoes of a threesome

islander said...

That's such a grat song! It's too bad it isn't on the songlist at the Karaoke Kid.

sarahliz said...

The neighbor in the apartment next to me once left her alarm clock set for 6am or something over winter break. So every morning either my boyfriend or I would trudge groggily to the fusebox at the back of the building and pull out her fuse for a moment to shut it off. I was tempted to just leave the fuse pulled out, but the apartments were small and tended to have only once circuit, so I didn't want to shut off her fridge for a week.

Then there was the apartment where the neighbor's kid got a xylophone. There was something a bit surreal about that, maybe just because I was sleep deprived. Fortunately, either the xylophone was borrowed or it lost its appeal quickly.