Tuesday, January 03, 2006

nina turns two!

(Nina and Jeremy in NYC, photo credit to Tonya)

(See post here.) And, unlike me, she's blogged every day, through thick and thin--and even through the thick-headedness and thinning-hairedness of certain Cantabrigian friends. And, also unlike me, she doesn't fiddle with the timestamps of her posts either.


nina said...

In the blog world you’ll always be older than me, your posts will be written with less toil and effort and you will be funnier. And here’s one more admission: though I never ever tamper with dates (once, by two hours does not count), I do have this minute thing going. Has anyone ever wondered why ALL Ocean posts come out published on a multiple of five? Because if that ever does not happen then the world will implode and we will all freeze and there will be no more traces of civilization. Or something. [Do all writers engage in these stupid games, or is it just me?]

Anyway, thanks for the post, Jeremy. When you’re old and gray (assuming you’ll turn gray), you can look back with grandfatherly pride at all the blogs you helped nudge into the blogosphere. Including and especially Ocean.

Rhymes With Scrabble said...

You know, in that vein, you are kind of like my father's blog's grandfather, since my public blog was largely inspired by yours, and then my father followed my lead.

And I like that photo. Did you guys plan the complementary outfits?

P.S. Your word verification thing is getting ridiculous. I am a real human being, and sometimes I cannot read it at all.

Tonya said...

That's one of my favorite photos. But, hey, how about a photo credit for Tonya?

Happy Anniversary, Nina!

jeremy said...

Tonya: You're right about my being wrong in not crediting you. I went back and fixed this. Love always.

Rest of the World: Presumably you get the dig where Nina suggests I may not go gray because, of course, I'll probably be completely bald first. Love always to you, too, Nina.

Tonya said...

Thanks. I hear that you'll be coming to Madison soon. Hope to see you when you're in town. Maybe we can have another karaoke party -- this time at the loft.