Tuesday, January 17, 2006

generation gap

Here are the numbers of the census I took of the photographs on display in the two most prominent display locations at Freese Family Farm [counter, refrigerator]:

Mother and/or father: 0
Child #1 [son]: 0
Child #2 [daughter]: 0
Child #3 [daughter]: 0
Child #4 [daughter]: 0
Child #5 [daughter, deceased]: 2
Child #6 [son, weblog author]: 1 (post-Ph.D., but pre-Lasix)
All children together: 1
Grandchildren [7 total]: 0
Great-granddaughter: 13

Granted, she is very cute.


Rhymes With Scrabble said...

Hmmm. My own refrigerator features one high school senior picture of my sister Hannah (Sophie is stingy with her pictures), one picture of my friends Crystal and Sam at House on the Rock, and two pictures of the children of friends from high school, because they are adorable. Maybe people just naturally put photos of any damn child they can find on their refrigerators.

astrid jane said...

A few years ago when I visted her, I noticed that my mother had a picture of her cat on the refrigerator in one of those magnetic photo frames. This particular frame had come free in a bag of Purina ONE cat food, and said "My Favorite ONE®....Purina Cat Chow" on it. I commented on the picture, saying something like "Aww, that's cute," but apparently my Mom started to fret that I'd be stricken with sibling rivalry for the animal she calls "Kittieboy" because the next time I came home my picture was in the Purina Cat Chow frame instead.

She said she was worried I'd been hurt. My mom gets more and more like a character out of a William Faulkner novel every year.

Rhymes With Scrabble said...

My mother refers to my cats as "the grandkittens." And I don't think she's totally joking.

Also, my fridge magnetic photo frames have little cat designs on them, but it is not because I am a crazy cat lady--it's just that everyone I know is constantly giving me cat-themed stuff, like they're working really hard to make me look like one anyway.

Allen said...

I don't think we have any family pics on the fridge. Wait, I'll go look.

Woops, I'm wrong. One pic of adorable eldest daughter in preschool, whose name rhymes with scrabble.

Also a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon.

I guess the other kids were hurt the whole time they were home, but too polite to mention it.

Anonymous said...

my parents-in-law have lots of pictures on their fridge-- it's where they keep track of all the family. There is at least one picture of every aunt, uncle, and cousin, and of course pictures of their immediate family. What I found funny, when I visited over Christmas, though, was that the "person" with the most pictures up on the fridge (nobody had more than 3 appearances, counting both group and individual photos) was their "grandpuppy"-- my brother-in-law's dog. I teased them mercilessly about it while I was visiting, to the extent that by the time I left they'd put up a photo of one of our cats, the "grandkitten" :P

jeremy said...

Stamie! It's been so long since I've heard from you! (Not to mention Allen, that elusive scamp!)