Thursday, November 03, 2005

dick tracy

"People are finally catching on to your lying."
"Lying about what?"
"Your blog. And how something rhen you say that you've posted something on Wednesday, you really post it on Tuesday."
"I'm not lying. It's Wednesday's post. I just happen to put it up on Tuesday night because you can't set things to publish later in Blogger and I don't feel like waiting until the next morning to post it."
"But you're lying, because it's not Wednesday's post. You wrote it on Tuesday."
"Comic strips have dates on them. When you see a comic strip on Wednesday, is the person who draws it 'lying' because he didn't draw it that morning?"
"A comic strip is totally different. Comic strips have characters."
"When I came back from my blogging hiatus, I said I wanted it to be like a comic strip I doodled in my spare time."
"But it's not a comic strip."
"Which is why I said 'like' a comic strip."
"A comic strip is totally different. Comic strips are drawn."
"I like posting one thing a day. I don't want to post more than that. So if I've already got something for a Tuesday, I save the next one to be Wednesday's post."
"But you don't, you post it on Tuesday and then lie about it."
"How is it lying? People who see my blog on Tuesday night and see something posted for Wednesday, do you think I've deceived them into thinking that I've actually written the post on Wednesday and then somehow warped space-time so they could read it on Tuesday?"
"It's still lying, just like you're lying when you say your blog is a comic strip. Comic strips are funny."
"Besides, if I've posted something the night before, I always stamp it 12:01am. So anybody who actually cares can know it's something I've written the day before because the time will say 12:01am."
"What if you actually write a post at 12:01am?"
"I don't. 12:01am is sacrosanct. If I were to ever write a post at 12:01am, I would wait a minute before publishing it."


Jessica said...

that's funny. btw- i read this at 11:17 wednesday night. :-)

Anonymous said...

I believe you truly exist in a time warp, with those space travel worm holes and all that. And that's why you wear those funny outfits you pretended to get out for some football game awhile back. They are really protective garments, sealing you off from clashing branes.

It's no wonder you use such dates; in fact it is we who are mistaken.


A+ said...

Isn't the issue that it actually says "posted by Jeremy at..." Which is, well, technically a lie. I mean, it's not like Boondocks says "drawn by Aaron MacGruder on..." It's just in the newspaper on certain days.

(You know honestly, I could care less when you write your posts or what date you put next to them.)

tina said...

I take issue with the claim that this blog is not funny. Yesterday, I laughed out loud when I encountered the term "causal Fridays" in one of Jeremy's comments, despite the fact that I was by myself in a public place.

By the way, if I were to attend a causal Friday event, what should I wear?

dorotha said...

the funny thing is how you continue to lie in this post. lies, lies, lies!

maroontext may forgive you, but navy does not.

dorotha said...

i meant to post that anonymously, but i didn't. screw it. i'll own my comments. but, i won't own the text that jeremy has attributed to me. i did not make any of the comparisons between comic strips and jeremy's blog that he is saying that i did. my arguments were more along the lines of ang's comment.

i wish you wouldn't add lies to lies, jeremy, but do what you want, you will anyway.

jeremy said...

For unrelated reasons, I am looking in to trying to figure out how to be able to make mp3 recordings of phone calls. But, it would also be handy for resolving these matters as well.

Out of kindness for Dorotha, I left out the part where she went on about how, as far as comic strips go, Garfield rocks.

dorotha said...

in comparison to you, Garfield does rock.

shakha said...

This is crazy. And not in a funny or good way. Just crazy.

Anonymous said...

I second that Jeremy lies on his blog. For those of you readers who have never had the pleasure of reading a fictionalized account on JFW of a conversation you have had with JF, you should know that they are ALWAYS distorted to make readers sympathize with the poor protagonist. JWF is the supermarket tabloid of the weblog world. I forgive, only because I find JF himself to be slightly charming.
--Ms. Maroontext

dorotha said...

but, ms. maroontext, would you agree with me that Garfield is slightly more charming than jeremy?

Drek said...

I've had conversations like this, but they've almost always been with creationists or ex-girlfriends.