Monday, November 21, 2005

the continued oratorical misadventures of jeremy freese

I gave a talk today here in Orlando. When I finished the slides for the presentation, I figured that I really had about a 18 minute talk and would have to move at a good clip in order to get it done in the 15 minutes I was allotted. But, then, when I got there, I learned that a scheduling problem reduced my slot to 12 minutes, and then give some issues with the set-up after the preceding speaker had finished and some other matters, it was really maybe on the short side of 11.

In such contexts, I often turn out to give impressive presentations, but they are impressive not for their substance or insight but because of how fast I can speak and still manage to sound as though I'm saying things that, were they said slower, would be reasonable and perhaps even sporadically eloquent. And, lo, while I did also get some positive remarks on the substance, once again more than one spectator offered a reaction that was mainly a marvel at my vroom-vroom-volubility-velocity.

"I wish I could talk that fast and still make sense," was one person's comment. On other occasions, such a remark might be the highest praise I receive for a talk. Today, however, that honor went to another person's statement that the opening example I gave for my paper "grabbed the audience by the [spanish word for a part of the body where, had I actually grabbed even one audience member by it/them, I would be languishing in a squalid Disney jail right now.]


Anonymous said...

I love it when you grab the audience by their unmentionables. If more speakers did this I would enjoy academic conferences much more.
--Elbert Almazan

dorotha said...

will this be the same talk you are giving in december in wisconsin?

A+ said...

I'd like to know this as well. If I'm gonna be grabbed by the unmentionables, I'd like to know about it ahead of time.

jeremy said...

I'll be giving a different talk in Madison.

Anonymous said...

but more importantly, will you be grabbing your madison audience by the mentioned unemtionables? ;-)


Anonymous said...

Wow, I wish I had the ability to talk quickly and understandably, and to grab, uh.. yeah. Eleven minutes, huh?