Friday, November 25, 2005


I had two personal goals for the half marathon: finish without having to stop and without losing control of my bodily functions. Turns out this was setting the bar a little low. I think I could have run the entire marathon at the same leisurely pace that we ran the half. I know I could have run the whole marathon, and probably at a faster pace, if I would have kept to the running schedule I was on before the drastic reduction due to knee and cold disincentives. So now I'm contemplating signing up for the marathon in Madison on May 28th. Madame Simpleton?* Anyone else?

* Also known as the Best Running Partner Ever. Not all that long ago, Madame Simpleton would go running with me when I could only run about a mile before having to stop. Later, she indulged me when I insisted on reciting lyrics from Kirsty MacColl's "Terry" as inspiration before we began the final push to the end of our runs. During the half marathon, she was patient in allowing me to engage in a near-constant commentary on how awesome we were, and she went along when I insisted on punctuating the sentiment with high-fives at regular intervals.


Anonymous said...

Yah man — sign up and really see if you can do what you think you could'a done etc. etc..


Katy said...

Thank you for encouraging me to keep going when I wanted to die, and indulging my fake puking sounds and whining. I'll do another half, but I'm not touching a full anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Um, if by "full marathon" you mean "a 5K," I'm totally in. After I've reduced my 5K time to something respectable enough to get posted on the internet, as these things do.