Saturday, January 06, 2007

speaking of spelling...

asl j-e-r-e-m-y
(section of the bulletin board in my office)

New addition to my bulletin board: the sign language J-E-R-E-M-Y I received as an Xmas present from Dorotha. Presumably I will string them together with something more suitable than a green paper clip at some point, although the clip does remind me of a certain friend from college whose office supply fetish resulted in her getting a tattoo of three linked green paper clips on her leg.

BTW, beneath the letters is the current state-of-the-art for being able to collect people's DNA inexpensively through the mail. You spit in the blue part, and the white part is a lid that contains this preservative with a clear plastic seal. When you screw on the lid, the seal breaks, and the preservative combines with your spit to preserve it. Why I have one of these kits tacked to my bulletin board is a different story.

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Anonymous said...

as i collected paper clips when i was an undergrad, i do not take offense at the display of the charms i gave. you. the paper clips i collected were all found and not purchased or given. there are a suprising number of paper clips on sidewalks, etc.

also, when my sister got married, she and david played a song at their reception that i took a liking to when i hosted a childrens' music radio show. it was a bert and ernie duet. ernie likes bottle caps and bert likes paper clips, you know. but they like each other, too.