Tuesday, January 23, 2007

i feel like an ugly stepsister

Working on this grant proposal. The text I have in hand being my right foot, and the NIH page limit being the glass slipper. One difference between me and Griselda is that I don't have the option of not somehow cramming my foot in there. Another, more fortunate difference, is that cutting proposal text is much less painful than shearing off toes and heel. But still, no easy feat!*

Anyway, I'm already postdating this to Tuesday 12:01am because there is no way the blog world is getting any other text out of me tomorrow. I am going to finish this thing by its Tuesday deadline, then I am going to take a day or two to catch up, and then I am going to write down (no, not on this blog) various lessons learned from experiences with this and some related recent matters.

* Pun intended, despite the large portion of my audience who winces at puns. Hey, if I have to suffer, you can, too.


Anonymous said...

I know, I felt this way about cutting my paper for ASA. 20 pages is not much, especially if you're including quotes from interviews

Anonymous said...

Surely you'll share some of those kernels of wisdom with us, Jeremy. Won't you?

Good luck with everything.

rps said...

I hope you'll also take a day or two to rest and relax; you've been working really hard (such is the lot of a boy detective, but still...). Good luck (and godspeed) to you!

eszter said...

no, not on this blog

If not this one then which blog should we be reading to get your wisdom?