Friday, January 19, 2007

hi, i'm trying to be an artist. you look dangerous. would you like to come for tea?

How To Be An Artist

Turns out I'm separated by fewer degrees of separation than I would have imagined or preferred to SARK!, the artist responsible for such beloved books as Living Juicy and Succulent Wild Woman: Dancing With Your Wonder-Full Self!. Her famous "How to Be an Artist" poster hung on the door of bathroom at the vegan co-op I stayed in during one of my summers at Stats Camp. Partly due perhaps to the natural diuretic properties of some of the vegetables I was eating to stay in good standing at this co-op, I read this poster so many times that month that I have large parts of it memorized. Always, it makes me surly. The whole time, I wanted to take a giant Sharpie and write across it "PRACTICE. MAYBE STUDY SOME OTHER ARTISTS (not SARK!)."

Then again, what do I know?

Back when I was in graduate school, there was this woman who lasted a year in the program whose name was Miriam, but who wanted people to call her Rainbow. She was enrolled in a seminar with one of the older professors, and we wondered if he would call her Rainbow. He did. With a certain amount of relish, it seemed to me. SARK! would have been proud. Teaching juicy!

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rps said...

Next time I visit, I am making little signs that say "yes!" and posting them all over your apartment!!