Tuesday, January 16, 2007

now this feels like the madison i know!

I extended my supposed-to-be-brief trip to Madison through today. Which meant I got to be here for snow. Sal has been amused by my lack of patience for such modern contrivances as ice scrapers:

sleeve scraper

He's also been amused by my winter driving skills:
"We're sliding again!"
"Yeah, do you think we're going to hit that pole?"
"At least we're wearing our seatbelts."
"Hey, I forgot to put on my seatbelt!"
"I know. That was my way of saying something."
All this, and I still had time to put my seatbelt on before we stopped sliding (fortunately, short of the pole in question).

We're up on campus. Our need to work didn't mean that, on the walk from the parking lot to the building, we couldn't take a moment out to see if a stray laundry basket could be pressed into service as a sled.

laundry basket sled

Suffice it to say there are reasons sleds do not have wheels on the bottom.


Anonymous said...

Sleds should have wheels on the bottom, but retractable.

jeremy said...

More to the point, so should laundry baskets. Especially if they are going to be left unattended outside in the winter.

Anonymous said...

Lost your gloves AGAIN?

Anonymous said...

The photo of Jeremy in the laundry cart--well, am I the only one put in mind of Isadora Duncan?