Tuesday, January 09, 2007

i know the p and d stand for portable and document, but about that last letter...

Trying to install the new Adobe Creative Suite, mostly so I can use Acrobat 8, has resulted in the kind of frustration I would normally associate with having done something so awful as to be damned to spend eternity rolling a heavy stone up one side of the hill, only to have it roll down the other side.

Eventually, my move to Creative Suite to change my minimalist web page from its current FrontPage incarnation to something using Dreamweaver. Way back when I was first putting up a webpage, I was encouraged by the computer person in my department to use Dreamweaver but opted FrontPage just because I figured Microsoft would end up dominating that market as well. Now it feels like I'm the last FrontPage user, and that's mainly because since I haven't done anything more-than-minimal website-wise for like three years.

If anyone has any recommendations about interesting-but-professional-looking yet not-requiring-much-maintenance Dreamweaver templates, let me know.


rps said...

My friend Andrea (who is friends with Maggie Mason/Mighty Girl, who Dan Myers cited on his blog, which I know about because I'm friends with you...quick, somebody call Duncan Watts!) uses Dreamweaver. You can look at her blog/journal and website (and contact her with questions) at: http://www.superherodesigns.com/index.html

nina said...

I'll solve your dreamweaver problems if you solve my frontpage problems. Having just built a site in frontpage, I feel I am entitled to an hour's worth of cursing and two hours worth of crying. Or the other way around.

eszter said...

Ever since 1995 when I first put up a Web page I've been using raw HTML code. I've thought about upgrading to php or something, but in the end I don't really have that much of a need.

In fact, just got a flattering email the other day. Someone's decided to copy the entire layout. But she's acknowledging me on the bottom of her site so I don't mind. (I'm not pointing to it since it's not yet done in so far as all the links are broken and so I don't think it would be fair.)

Given how simple your site is, why not just code it in HTML? Or are you saying you're planning a major upgrade?