Tuesday, January 30, 2007

jfw 2.0 (alpha)

I have just upgraded to the new Blogger at last--although I have not upgraded the template. Given all I have going on the next four weeks, the last thing I need to do is get mired in is messing around with a new template, especially since I suspect what I would mainly be doing is trying to get it to look like the template I presently have, only with tags. (And especially since I've got myself concurrently mired in trying to work my way through a graduate microeconomics text, as though I have time for that.)

I have thought about trying to contract the labor out (the template upgrade, not the microeconomics). Does anyone know if there are reasonably priced templateers for hire?


Ken Houghton said...

If you're trying Varian, good luck.

Hire Tom to fix your template.

Chip said...

If you're trying Varian, use the advice one of my advisors gave me when he saw me working through it. "Don't think. Just differentiate it and set it equal to zero, and move on."

jeremy said...

Per the law of comparative advantage, I will not be able to afford Tom.

nina said...

I use guru.com to bid out work I can't do. No job is too small for them. It's cool getting bids from them -- a great place for freelancers to sell their services.