Saturday, January 06, 2007

advice to authers


I saw this poster last night, taped to the side of a pay phone across the street from Harvard Yard. Obviously, this is almost certainly a project borne from some very unpleasant story. But, if one wishes to recruit informants for your expose' from around the Harvard campus and thinks it would help to emphasize that one is a published author, one really wants to make sure one spells "author" correctly.


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Ken Houghton said...

Sara Ellenbogen is the author of Wittgenstein's Account of Truth, which is described by Books-A-Million as:

Wittgenstein's Account of Truth challenges the view that semantic antirealists attribute to Wittgenstein: that we cannot meaningfully call verification-transcendent statements "true." Ellenbogen argues that Wittgenstein would not have held that we should revise our practice of treating certain statements as true or false, but instead would have held that we should revise our view of what it means to call a statement true. According to the dictum "meaning is use, " what makes it correct to call a statement "true" is not its correspondence with how things are, but our criterion for determining its truth. What it means for us to call a statement "true" is that we currently judge it true, knowing that we may some day revise the criteria whereby we do so.

sara said...

Yes, unfortunately I caught the typo after I had put up the poster. But I must say, I wouldn't have expected another academic to be petty, mean-spirited, and small minded enough to post it on the internet with such a snide comment.
Sara Ellenbogen