Thursday, September 07, 2006

in case you think there are no thrifty students at harvard

space 012
(window of the Coop)

The Harvard Coop apparently now allows students to purchase used textbooks. I haven't investigated to see whether they have a system ensuring that the used textbooks for sale are only books that have been previously owned by Harvard (or, maybe, other Ivy League) students. Otherwise, students could be taking home books filled with who knows what kind of skanky underlining from some dirty-fingered-and-possibly-syphilitic dunce at Kent State. Or, worse: highlighters!

BTW, when Sister A visited a few months ago, she bought all kinds of family members identical Harvard T-shirts from the Coop. Which led to an odd juxtaposition at the family reunion I was at a couple weeks ago:

harvard t-shirts
(cousin V, me, Sister C at family reunion)

Update: As a commenter just reminded me, I did have a relative come up to me at the reunion, look at my shirt, and say, "So, you're a Native American?"


Anonymous said...

And there's brother B in his native American shirt!

Anonymous said...

Why do you say 'now' allows? Used textbooks have always been sold at the Coop when available (and they DON'T last long).

jeremy said...

I know we're not as smart out in the Midwest, but we wouldn't say "You demanded --- [and so here they are" if it was something we've always had.

Jennifer said...

That makes sense ("you demanded"=something previously unavailable and granted by popular demand), but at my undergrad college, they had those exact signs every semester I was there, and every semester they had used books.

Is the Harvard Coop affiliated with Barnes and Noble?

Anonymous said...

So you were misled by the silly Coop (so powerful that they would not allow Harvard students' buying used books they had in stock).
Now back to your all-important second year in
Cambridge! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You sound bitter. Is it really tough for you at Harvard? Cheer up; they NEED you!

jeremy said...

I am not bitter. I like it here.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am a Kent State alumnus and have been clean-fingered and siphyllis -free for all my 36 years!!!

Anonymous said...

If not bitter, perhaps 'biter'. Such sharp teeth you have, observer of things Harvard. We in Iowa sigh with happy relief and count the days till your return to Wisconsin and points west.