Monday, September 18, 2006

correlation, or causality?

I had forgotten all about this graph from Robert Putnam's Bowling Alone:

graph from bowling alone

For the autoethnographic record, TV is definitely not my primary form of entertainment, and I have never given anyone the finger while driving. Indeed, with some certainty, I will assert that it has never even occurred to me to give someone else the finger while driving. I have shouted unkind things at motorists who do not seem to understand the rules of crosswalks, a common malady here in Cambridge.

Meanwhile, my participation record is community projects leaves much to be desired.


dorotha said...

when i get back to madison, i can help you get a volunteer position with the girl scouts...

Anonymous said...

Oh, so you're the balding guy who crosses -- along with the undergraduates and Cambridge High kids, when the lights are green for the cars. Yes, that IS the rule of the road here in Harvard Sq. And NEVER make eye contact with a driver while jaywalking.

RachelsTavern said...

If you come to the NYC area, you be giving out fingers until you don't have any left. LOL!!! But, Boston has to be a close second.

And, I'd say correlation.