Monday, September 04, 2006

buy a vowell (or, at least, rent some vowellian violence)

From article about a benefit for 826 held in Seattle a few days ago:
[The venue] was packed (if not quite sold-out) and a round of pass-the-hat that touted hugs from [Dave] Eggers for a $20 donation and a "jovial, buddy punch" from [Sarah] Vowell for $5 raised an unfathomable $10,000 — certainly something to talk and sing about.
Argh! If I wasn't stuck here on the wrong coast, I could have been buddy-punched by Sarah Vowell for only $5! Maybe I could have even convinced her to congenially coldcock me for $20.


toph said...

i know a few boomers who'd drop ten large just to pop young mr. eggers (a jawbreaking sock to leave genius staggering?).

jeremy said...

Kudos on the pseudonym, "Toph."

carly said...

FYI: Sarah Vowell is coming to Madison to speak as part of the Distinguished Lecture Series this Spring. A certain JFW-reader, who happens to be on the DLS committee, will be having dinner with her pre-lecture. Maybe I'll get her to punch me so I can pass it along to you ;-)