Tuesday, September 19, 2006

regarding certain disappearances

Some people have noticed that various links have disappeared from my sidebar. I have removed links to pseudonymous blogs of current Wisconsin sociology students. Although my past policy has been to link to student blogs if they linked to me or if we had a conversation about my linking to them, I'm concerned that a link from my blog makes a student's blog less pseudonymous than it would otherwise be. There has apparently been antsiness around Madison about the possible career consequences of pseudonymous blogging--including the abrupt abandonment of a certain longstanding student blog that is already much missed--and I've decided I don't want responsibility for any collateral antsiness about identities placed on my virtual doorstep. If anyone from Wisconsin or elsewhere who remains in my sidebar does not want to be there, e-mail me and I will remove you.

As a different matter, some people have noticed that the links to my archives have also disappeared from my sidebar. The posts themselves still exist and anyone with a modicum of saavy and inclination can figure out how to view my archives, although I do not know why someone would be so inclined. Anyway, my rationale for this (temporary?) manuever will be left as an exercise to the reader.

Update: Oops, I forgot, I was supposed to say the above like a pirate.


Anonymous said...

would you feel too implicated in the potential exposure of our identities if we posted under our pseudonyms? that is, of course, if we were willing to take on the risk of exposure by posting in said manner.

jeremy said...

If one wants to be in my sidebar, you could e-mail me and that would be fine. Is that what you are asking?

dorotha said...

i want you to remove me from your sidebar by accident, and then i want to make a big deal out of how that must mean that you hate me. and then i want you to add me back. and then i want to write a scathing post about you. then i want you to remove me again because i am too mean. finally, in a month, i want you to add me back to your sidebar, but without telling anyone. okay?

Lucy said...

I'm not a wisconsin sociology student, but didn't you use to link to me? Maybe I should steal Dorotha's idea... Unless you really do hate me, of course.