Sunday, September 10, 2006

earth calling jeremy

(me and earth, as well as earth's more shadowy side)

So, my misplaced cel phone being sufficiently "misplaced" as to be indistinguishable from "gone," I went to the mall today to buy a Treo, and I decided I might as well walk across the street and take care of visiting Earth while I was at it. I was especially motivated by an e-mail from a friend this morning who sent a photo of herself by a monument to Saturn in her home city, while my own schemes for seeing Saturn in Cambridge have been temporarily thwarted. Anyway, three planets down, six and the Sun to go.

I've been playing around with the Treo and think I've finally gotten the hang of text messaging, something I never mastered on my last phone. Turns out it's like e-mail, only with your phone. Except I can also do e-mail from my phone, but then it goes to e-mail, and text messages go to other people's phones, even if they don't have e-mail on their phone. Brilliant! Now I need to master that strange, vowelless pidgin people use to make their msgs shrtr.


Jessica said...

you can blog from your treo as well!

Anonymous said...

"Now I need to master that strange, vowelless pidgin people use to make their msgs shrtr."

Keep those sidebar words in technological circulation!
I think you need to text message in the same extended vocabulary manner as you post about sociology and statistical, um, things. "see I can't even find a proper word that beats "things" If people like you go in this way, what becomes of the rest of the population?? We're counting on you!

(unless there is a character count limit on text messages. If so, Go2it,thn).

Anonymous said...

The shadow seems to be on your chin. Are you growing stubble this year?