Wednesday, September 06, 2006


"Aren't you sad about Steve Irwin? I thought you'd blog about that."
"I had no idea who he was."
"He was like a major figure in popular culture for the last ten years."
"First time I heard of him was that he was dead."
"Jeremy, that is so wrong." [pause] "Do you know who Halle Berry is?"
"Sure. She's Catwoman!" [pause] "Is Catwoman dead now too?"

(Special Note: Catwoman is not dead. I have no idea why my Navy Blue friend brought her up, either.)

* Apparently this phrase is fraught with mournful meaning now for folks worldwide. Not me. No offense to the dead (and the dead being what they are, none taken).


Anonymous said...

pavpquesaw a woman on the bus the other day that looked a lot like elisabeth shue. have you checked on her life status lately?

Anonymous said...

okay, this is what my comment was supposed to be: "saw a woman on the bus the other day that looked a lot like elisabeth shue. have you checked on her life status lately?"

jeremy said...

Elisabeth Shue is so Jeremy 2000. We are up to Jeremy XP now, soon to be replaced by Jeremy Vista.

tina said...

Oh! I like this game. Jeremy, do you know who Jessica Simpson is?

Anonymous said...

Jessica Simpson? Isn't she that overblown, no-talent hack who says she dumped her overblown, no-talent hack husband because he has a tiny penis?

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly understand that Jeremy never heard of him.
What I don't understand is the *SHOCK* over Irwin's death. He played with crocodiles for pete's sake. Something was bound to get him sooner or later.

A+ said...

I just read... somewhere that he's one of literally a handful of people recorded to have been killed y a stingray.

Lucy said...

I think the shock was partly that it was something other than a crocodile that got him. He also spent long enough taunting dangerous animals that he almost seemed invincible.

jeremy said...

Jessica Simpson was Daisy Duke. I also know she was married to someone famous named "Nick", whose famous brother won Dancing with the Stars II, but I don't know what either of them are famous for.

I don't really know what a Stingray is, to be honest. In the sense that I couldn't pick one out of an aqualineup.

brady said...

It's like a shark and a frisbee had a baby. And like ang said, they almost never kill you with their poisoned barb tailwhip. Though I've seen some stingray attack scars and whooooboy does it not look fun, lethal or not.

(I feel better now about the stingray I killed as a child, knowing that they just go around willy nilly, impaling tv show hosts.)

brady said...

(Uh, above, that is to say, Jeremy, a stingray is a fish that looks like a shark and a frisbee...etc etc.)

Jude said...

I was going to say that it's truly astounding that you don't know what a stingray is, but then I remembered. Iowa. No oceans. Right.

I'd never heard of anyone dying due to stingray-related circumstances before. They're really not mortally dangerous. Painful, yes. Deadly, no. Well, only extremely rarely, apparently.

What rotten luck for a guy who's faced down saltwater crocodiles, sharks, tai pans, spitting cobras, and every other goddamn deadly venomous creature in the world.

And Jeremy, oceans or no, I do find it hard to believe that you'd never heard of Steve Irwin. Come on. Anyone who could be so excited by Snakes on a Plane should surely have known about this crazy, snake-handling Aussie. It seems right up your street.