Thursday, August 10, 2006

dispatch from montreal

(movie poster at Montreal subway station)

"I can't believe there isn't even WiFi in the rooms, and you have to pay $12 a day for a cable connection. This is so like the French."
"You know Quebec is actually, um, Canada."
"We wouldn't be getting this kind of crappy service if DeGaulle was still in charge here, I can tell you that."

Perhaps to allay the high price of Internet service here in Montreal, the American Sociological Association has set up a bank of computers in the convention center that allow you to access the Internet more generally in addition to the ASA messaging service. I clicked on the "Access Internet" link, and then in the URL bar typed "" with the idea of perhaps checking my GMail account. Immediately GMail opened with the inbox of whomever had apparently had the idea of checking their GMail there before me. I decided I could wait until I was in my hotel room.

I'm sitting here working on my two presentations tomorrow and slurping a 7UP that I got out of the minibar. I would have preferred to save money and just get something out of a vending machine, but to get to vending machines in my hotel you have to take the elevator to the lobby, switch to another elevator, take that down to Level B, go down three flights of stairs, and there the machines are, in the underground parking garage. If you do make the trip, I would recommend realizing before you get down there that the machines will expect you to have Canadian currency.

All that said, earlier this evening I was having a drink with a friend--one met through blogging, no less--and we both agreed that we love ASAs.


Lucy said...

It's obviously a conspiracy to get you to pay more for your drinks.
Good luck with the talks.

Anonymous said...

Dilute the 7UP with water and get your money's worth, dude.

Anonymous said...

Now, is that $12 American or $12 Canadian?

dorotha said...

sounds like the architect behind the sewell building also designed your hotel.

Ang said...

I love ASAs, too.

Absolut said...

What currency other than Canadian could you possibly expect for a machine in Montreal?

I'm glad you're learning the value of your time and realizing that saving a dollar or two but losing fifteen minutes is not worth it. I need to learn that lesson, too, or get better at acting on it.

So did you check the person's email? More importantly (and seriously), did you log out of the person's account?

And what in the world are you doing drinking 7UP? I take it they haven't realized the value of Coke Zero.