Monday, August 21, 2006

(briefly reviewed) snakes on a plane

soap promo
(from the special promotional safety guide Brady got for me at an event in LA)

I was expecting to be a little disappointed. I was not. My only disappointment was waiting until Sunday to see it.

The largest cheer from the crowd came of course with the part known to be added in response to an Internet campaign, where Samuel L. Jackson says "I want these m**f** snakes off this m**f** plane." As far as I could tell, they shot those three seconds outdoors--maybe in a parking lot--and then spliced it into a scene where he's supposed to be saying it on a plane. As if the director was saying, "Look, we all know the only reason this line is in the movie is because YOU asked for it, and you'll think it's even funnier if we abandon all pretense when we splice it in."


Rhymes With Scrabble said...

All I've heard on LJ is that it is actually entertaining. Now I wonder if it's really a suitable flick for Thanksgiving even if it is out on DVD in time.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean 'off'? or does the guy really want the snakes 'of the **** plane'?

These days, could be either.

jeremy said...

I fixed the typo. Thanks.

jeremy said...

Apparently SoaP has had disappointing box office returns, although this appears to be against the benchmark of real blockbusters as opposed to how this movie would have done in the absence of Internet-based enthusiasm.

TheInternetDog said...

I saw it Friday. It was a very entertaining two hours. There's no mistaking that it's a B movie, but it was still very funny and action packed. The gags were funny and well-timed. There are a couple of great "gotcha" moments that will make you jump. The suspense is really well managed. My only real problem with the film is that you can tell what scenes were added in during th 5-day reshoot to take it from PG-13 to R. Sayla vee.

brady said...

I'm so proud.

In other SOAP-related news, today I put my reptile-on-an-airship pilots wings up in my office, in a sad bid to appear "cool" during office hours.