Tuesday, August 15, 2006

dispatch from kittery, me

kittery, maine
(me, posting from my car in Maine)

So, after driving with me to and fro Montreal, my friend Kathryn stayed an extra day with me in Cambridge today. Tonight we went and saw the road-trip movie Little Miss Sunshine (thumbs up, although not uppity-up). After it was done, I asked Kathryn what we should do next. Her answer: "Drive to Maine and post to your blog!" And, lo, here we are, in a hotel parking lot maybe two miles over the state line.

Despite all her previous good sportitude, Kathryn is now telling me to "hurry the [expletive deleted] up" so she can get a decent night's sleep before her early-morning flight back to Chapel Hill, where she will be going directly from the airport to serve as witness for a friend's small-claims suit against his wedding caterer. I was trying to tell Kathryn earlier that the idea of someone trying to prevent a witness from testifying provides the animating premise for Snakes on a Plane (only three days away!), but she thinks it more likely the caterer would try to poison her by serving up substandard grits in coach class.


eszter said...

I think you should fly to NC with your friend so you can blog from there as well.

tina said...

Yay for the formerly mercilessly-teased Kathryn! What a good sport.

Speaking of good sports, that Sal (of matching pajama fame) bought me and I think many others drinks at the tail end of a long evening, totally reversing my standing policy about who pays for drinks when faculty and grad students socialize. Sal, now I owe you double. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

what was wrong with the catering?

Anonymous said...

Will your friend be on 'People's Court'?

xuxjsnoo (word verific.=chewing with mouth full of caterer's no-good food)

lago said...

I sincerely hope you managed to score one of those "Serpents à bord" movie posters while at ASA.

Anonymous said...

Fine. Now take the train up and enjoy a real day in Maine.