Thursday, December 22, 2005

sure, maybe we disagree on this, but what do you expect? i'm a pisces.

In terms of the cognitive health of America, I would immediately and gladly trade the one-time reading of a one-page statement about "intelligent design" in science classes for the elimination of horoscopes from newspapers.


Anonymous said...

So, you read horoscopes, my finny friend? Cheer up; they're usually on the comic page.

Anonymous said...

Wherever you'll be Christmas week, be it Cambridge, Allston or Brighton — Peace!
What joy to the ears of all near and around,
to hear/read you expound
on a vision of life à la Freese.


Rhymes With Scrabble said...

As a member of the sex machine category of the Zodiac, I think you're just jealous.

jeremy said...

I didn't even realize one of the symbols of the Zodiac is one of those machines. The symbol for Pisces is fish.

jeremy said...

Josh: Thanks for the poem.