Monday, December 26, 2005

for sale. baby shoes. never worn.*

One of the tasks dispatched over Xmas was browsing the catalog of the Cambridge Center for Adult Education for Spring possibilities. Winetasting and Introductory Cooking turn out to be filled. I was thinking that I might take a class on "Short Short Fiction." You know, where the maximum is 200 or 1000 words, or even 55 in some variants. Anyway, it's either that or "Yoga/Pilates." (I think I'll postpone contemplating the possibility of "Adult Swimming for Beginners" until a warmer season--not that the pool will be any less indoors then, but travel to and fro would be less inconvenient.)

* Ernest Hemingway (see link for details).


Rhymes With Scrabble said...

That class sounds like fun. I think I've mentioned my plan to take a bellydancing class through the rec center next semester, since I'm prohibited from fencing on my meds. Anyway, I'm glad that I made the effort to get reinvolved with fencing last year, so I hope you'll enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Those classes fill up fast at Cambridge Adult Center, so don't hesitate too long. Enjoy!

astrid jane said...

You can't swim, Jeremy? Now why didn't you say something. I used to teach beginner swimming...granted it was to little children, but I did specialize in the "nervous cases." You know, the kids that vomited in terror as soon as you asked them to put their faces in the water? I used to play this game with them where I'd swim at them underwater pretending to be a shark...a shark with a deadly fear of bubbles...anyway, if they could blow enough bubbles at me to scare me off, I'd swim away. If not, I'd tickle actually, I was a tickeling shark with a deadly fear of bubbles. I know, it sounds like the sort of thing that wins you a stint of court-mandated counseling and a parole officer, but it actually worked. By the end they were all reasonably past their fear of swimming.