Saturday, December 24, 2005

eats shoots & loves

Among the things I will be glad to see gone when Xmas is over are all these Coke cans that say "give live love." I am removed from all television and radio culture, but I presume there is some accompanying media campaign that indicates that it is supposed to be understood as "give, live, love." I, being the grammatically unpresumptuous sort, do not naturally read commas into statements if they aren't actually there, so when it says "give live love" I read it as "give live love" and wonder if they are speaking out against those who would give dead love or those who would give tape-delayed love. Both are unfortunate, I suppose, especially here at Xmas time.


pondering princess said...

What do you sociologists make of this grammatical error? Does it reflect the hustle and bustle of our society, unable to pause for reflection and certainly unable to pause for a few extra commas? Does it reflect Coke's capitalist greed as Coke attempts to relate to the "average Joe" since the average Joe doesn't understand comma usage? How many hours would you guess that the Coke folks spent discussing the lack of commas in their slogan? It had to be intentional.

Anonymous said...

I like it. Don't think of it as a list, missing commas. Pepsi is a brand for youth. Think of the word "Give" morphing from a G to an L to "Live" the i morphing to an o to get "Love". Turn the can instead of trying to see all the words at once. Get it?

word verification: ysliv (add an e or two = yes live) you can insert a mental comma after the yes, if you like, and be sure to pronounce the soft i in live. Boy, words are fun.

Anonymous said...

I don't drink Coke or Pepsi. I don't read their cans. If they wrote neat little essays for their cans, I'd think, now THAT'S hilarious — and look at those neat commas and clauses!

Why not float words on packaging? For these carbonated drinks I'd like to see

SLURP SLURP burp burp