Friday, December 09, 2005

crumpets denied

(the view outside my window RIGHT NOW)

I was invited to a Holiday High Tea at Harvard today. At least for someone who grew up in a dilapidated house in rural Iowa, there is something very alluring about the idea of being able to say that you went to a High Tea at Harvard once. Turns out, however, that the allure is still wealth than the disincentive to perambulation presented by the blizzard currently underway outside, as there is no way I am going outside in this.


Anonymous said...

you may get out there yet

Tom Volscho said...

Its not bad out in northern connecticut, i just got back from a drive in my cavalier

brady said...
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brady said...

I feel your pain, Jeremy. I almost had to put on a *jacket* when I just went outside. It might hit the fifties tonight.

(Come on, I have to deal with smog and the mad freeway shooter what shoots at the freeway. Let me get my jollies when I can.)

Anonymous said...

Um, the really bad weather was west and north of Cambridge today.

Did the thunder and lightning unnerve you?

Anonymous said...

Tea around here (high or low) isn't a one-time thing. There'll be others.
The good ones pour a little rum in the cup.... especially on a day like today.

(Didn't you have to go out and feed the cows in Iowa in the winter?)

islander said... stayed in? One of the best things about a neighborhood where you can walk is the fact that you can go out in that and it's lovely with the snow muffling all the city noises and you can wear long underwear and wool socks and pull your hat down over your eyebrows and your scarf over your chin and when you get home from tea all you have to do is strip down to the socks and underwear and climb onto the sofa with a blanket, a hot drink and a book.
Sheesh! Opportunity was just staring you in the face!

nina said...

Some sacrifice. You don't even like tea. Though, isn't a high tea like a supper thing? Okay, I feel sorry for you. Missing a free Harvard supper sucks.

Absolut said...

Don't they have snow in Wisconsin? Shouldn't you be used to this? And the fact that you can walk to an event makes it so much simpler. I would've gone. You just need really good boots, a good coat, a good scarf, a good hat and good gloves.