Monday, December 12, 2005

pretty in pepto-bismol pink

"I don't like the blue."
"I was getting sick of the purple."
"Purple is my favorite color."
"It's historically been my second-favorite color, but now I'm going through a winter of purple discontent."
"My second-favorite color is pink."
"Really? What kind of pink? Pepto-Bismol pink? Conjunctivitis pink?"
"Ick. Have you ever had conjunctivitis?"
"Yeah, it's awful."
"It's more than awful. If I were going to name things I hate, the first would be lice, and the second would be conjunctivitis."
"Hmm, for me, the first would be cooties, and the second would be genocide."
"You can't say genocide. It's not in the same category."
"I thought the category was things we hate. You don't hate genocide?"
"Lice and genocide aren't the same thing."
"Lice and conjunctivitis aren't the same thing. The third thing I would name would be olive green."
"Aren't cooties and lice the same thing?"
"I think the term cooties is broader. It includes, like, crabs as well."
"Crabs are lice."
"Oh. I wouldn't know, to be perfectly honest."


Rhymes With Scrabble said...

My only issue with the blue is that it's the exact shade of the default link color, or at least what used to be the default back in the days when most people couldn't or didn't change their link colors. It makes me feel like I've traveled backwards through time.

Also, if you can put down cooties and genocide for your top two hated things, I don't see what's so bizarre about me listing hot pants and anti-Semitism as things that didn't happen "for a reason" (i.e. for some greater cosmic result, not to say that they don't have causal factors behind them).

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that I like the blue. It makes the drawing of you take on a more sickly appearance. I think it might just be this particular blue. Can you pick something a little bit warmer?