Tuesday, December 27, 2005


If you work on multiple machines (i.e., home and work), have appropriate rights on those machines, and have folders that you would like to keep synchronized, I've been playing with foldershare.com recently, and it seems very promising. If anyone knows about any problems with it that I haven't yet discovered (other than the 10,000 files per library limit), let me know. But otherwise, if you haven't heard of it and have syncing needs, you might want to check it out. I think it might obviate some/much of my need to lug my external HD back and forth.


Anonymous said...

How heavy could it be?

jeremy said...

You're right, it's light. But easily forgotten, or easily forgotten to sync, or whatever.

eszter said...

The following is not the same thing, it's for sharing files with others (so not unrelated). http://esnips.com

Regarding file sync, if our dept network drive worked fine I'd just use that, but it has glitches. For now I've been emailing myself files on GMail. Not ideal. Again, not 'cause of the weight, but because of having to remember to do it.

petina said...

Just found your blog through a link from Higher Ed and had a suggestion for you. Not sure what your exact needs are, but if you have Windows XP on both machines, or Windows XP and a Mac running Jaguar, you can do Remote Desktop Connection (have to have a static IP at your office too). This allows you to log into your work computer and run it from home.

I used to try all sorts of ways to synchronize my files and never found a system. For me, this works great since you are physically working on the same machine - no synching necessary!