Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Unlike virtually everyone else who has been in the blogging racket for any length of time, I have never used any kind of sitemeter. Nor have I asked readers to give me a shout out on Lurker Day. I have never had any idea how many people have read this blog at any particular point in its peculiar history, nor have I ever particularly wanted to know.

Why not? A big difference between most other bloggers and me is that other bloggers write their posts for the whole world to read. Not me. I'm different. Every post I write, I write only for you. I don't mean the general, universal "you." I mean you, specifically. Yes, you. Whoever else reads this is unimportant. You are my priority, my muse, the wind beneath my jfwings. All this text, all this time, has been just for you. You!

And I don't even care that it's unrequited. That's how special you are!

So, given that I've gone to all this fuss for you, could you take like ten seconds and put a thumbtack in the Official JFW Map*? Put yourself down as being from wherever. Sure, it would be interesting if some other people put tacks in my map as well. But, seriously, all that really matters to me, the real hope that is buoying this post, is that you will do it. You! As hard as it is to type with my fingers crossed, that's what I'm doing, wishing upon all my lucky stars for a pushpinny shout-out from you.

* This being not the first idea I've expropriated from Eszter. You can put a tack in Eszter's map too if you want. But, remember: she blogs for everyone. I'm blogging for you.


Tonya said...

You really are shameless, aren't you?

Btw, why do you persist in lying about your age?

eszter said...

Tacky is a nice title for this post. Pushy would've been another one.;-)
(I arrived at that via pinny, I don't always take the most direct route.:)
Your post titles are definitely award-winning quality. I've never seen a blog competition for entry titles. There should be one since it's an important part of blogs. You'd place very well!

Anonymous said...

I knew it! i love you jeremy

eszter said...

Hey, it looks like you're in good company following the E-BLOG lead.

Anonymous said...

And here all along I thought you blogged for you. Actually, I still do, so no tacks.


lago said...

My zip code, which is valid enough to have mail delivered on a daily basis, is not valid for Crapper or whatever it is. Hooray technology.

Anonymous said...

But what good is it? I don't read eszter's blog so why put a tack (as you suggest)? Your frisky readers can tack any where and as often as they wish.
It's a toy.

jeremy said...

You: Don't listen to those naysayers like Tonya and JP! It's not a toy. It's all my hopes and aspirations, expressed in cartographic form, waiting for the affirmation that is a thumbtack from you. You won't let me down, will you?

islander said...

Particularly good use of the norm of reciprocity! I knew it was all for me! I've known it all along!

Anonymous said...

It's of no avail, Jeremy. Even if the whole USA tacks up like a fakir's bed, so what?


jeremy said...

Presumably you (the you that I'm writing all this for) know that people like the last Anon only qualify as "you" in the trivial pronoun sense. Meanwhile, you mean so much more to me.