Monday, October 10, 2005

and i feel, and i feel, and i feel like I just got smote, and I feel...*

From the Associated Press:
"JERUSALEM - A song on Madonna's upcoming album dedicated to a Kabbalist rabbi is drawing criticism from other rabbis, the Israeli Maariv daily reported Sunday.

The album, 'Confessions on a Dance Floor,' is to be released on Nov. 15 and features a track entitled 'Isaac' about Yitzhak Luria, a 16th century Jewish mystic and Kabbalah scholar. [...]

Rabbi Rafael Cohen, head of a seminary named after Luria, suggested Madonna's actions could lead to divine retribution.

'Jewish law forbids the use of the name of the holy rabbi for profit. Her act is just simply unacceptable and I can only sympathize for her because of the punishment that she is going to receive from the heavens,' Cohen told the newspaper."
*Footnote for the Madonna-impaired: It's a "Ray of Light" reference, lyrics here.

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i feel like i love you jeremy