Tuesday, October 11, 2005

inside inside higher ed

BTW, I'm quoted in a story in Inside Higher Ed today about blogging professors and tenure.


eszter said...

You are quoted as saying: "I’m not addicted to my blog" - yeah right.;-)

But I do buy the part about the time spent on blogs compared to time spent doing other things that many others do. I didn't have a TV when I started blogging and I know that helped with time spent on this activity.

Tom Bozzo said...

Not that I don't feel bad for Drezner and especially Sean Carroll, but I always assumed that people took tenure-track jobs at elite universities with the foreknowledge that there was a substantial probability of ending up with tenure at a less elite university (it not, were the tenure-denying institution really full of crap, a sideways move). This strikes me as an area where it's easy to be 'fooled by randomness.'

Captain Crab said...

“tenure coach”: Another occupation that my high schol counselor failed to inform me about!