Monday, May 30, 2005

of course, it would be more impressive if the slogan was 'give us the weak, we'll take off the weight'

But, still, I've got one week of Online Weight Watchers behind me, and it's been going well enough so far. To be sure, I've eaten not only way better than I usually do, but I've eaten more healthy food and less calories than I would had I just made some amorphous resolution to "diet". The points system, combined with the online method of tracking them, is a pretty effective means of making you conscious of everything you put in your mouth. I'm confident that I continue to do that kind of tracking, this dieting effort will be successful, and if I don't, it won't. In any case, I can certainly see how it is a system that could be very effective for other people, including people who struggle with other kinds of diets, so even if it ends up not working for me it's something I would recommend.

I'm supposed to do my weekly weigh-in today, but I'm untrusting of the consistency between the scale where I'm staying and my scale at home. I think I'm going to try to hold out and not weigh myself for another week. (So instead of "give us a week and we'll take off the weight", it's "give us a fortnight and we'll make you more light.") At which point, if I stay with the plan as successfully in the week ahead as I did this past week, I'm going to be seriously distraught if I haven't lost any weight, although hopefully not so distraught as to console myself with a few dozen eclairs.


dorotha said...

um, i'm i reading the chart wrong? it appears that you have been only eating breakfast for the past few days. are you just filling up on celery for the rest of your meals?

jeremy said...

I've been lazy the last few days about keeping track of times, in part because while I'm traveling I have to enter what I've eaten all at once from those occasions where I have had WiFi access.