Saturday, May 21, 2005

kruschchev said 'we will bury you'. of course, for postmodern captialism, it is not enough to simply bury your adversaries...

...but afterward, you have to also turn them into hipster kitsch! And so, Poland offered not only the opportunity to tour some of the impositions of the Soviet regime, but allowed one to do so in a way that turned Stalinist ambitions into a campy communist romp:

(Unfortunately, we didn't have a chance to take this tour. Surely, it would have been better than the one guided tour we did take, in which an unfortunate arrangement of exhibits and Marta-the-inept-tour-guide sucked all the interest and enthusiasm out of a tour of the Jagiellonian museum where Copernicus once studied.)


Tom Bozzo said...

Depends on how you view the risk of death by Trabi.

nina said...

Today I saw a Trabant and thought of your post.
I have to say that I will long remember the glazed look in your eyes as we took our first spin through Warsaw along the Stalinist architecture route. I thought you and Madeline would hail a cab and head back to the airport right then and there. I sometimes forget that it makes no impression anymore on those of us who actually lived in buildings and homes that belonged to this period.
Maybe Marta does the Communist tour in her time off from the Copernicus tour. She sort of looked like she could be cast in that role as well.