Friday, May 06, 2005

me, i have no problems with the alone part; it's the still part i can never seem to manage

From the book Ghosting by Jennie Erdal, a memoir of a woman who spent twenty years as a ghostwriter for a man who was part of London's publishing elite:
“You need to be alone and still, in order to write. And he was never, ever still and scarcely ever alone.”
Especially because even when I'm physically still, I'm never very cognitively still. And even when I'm cognitively still, it's hard for me to stay cognitively still on the same thing for multiple days in a row.


Anonymous said...

That no doubt triggers a running thought of an anecdote for every JFW reader out there. jlp

an old friend said...

You might get a kick out of this, and you could use it for blog entries on days you don't really have time to write something.

Hit this link:

enter your name or someone else's, and then submit...It's funnier when you submit the name of someone you know instead of using the generate button.
You might have to hit submit a # of times before you get a message that's sufficiently satisfying.

Take Care,
an old friend

Anonymous said...

Tried it. Thought it was mostly lame (and I did it several times and didn't use the generate button). You have to be a devote tv fan to enjoy stuff like this, I think. Otherwise, why would I care if one or another of my friends was humping Donald Trump in the boardroom. I was more amused by the Wang word processor than anything it produced.