Monday, May 23, 2005

back in madison: is it a wildebeest? a giant sloth? turn left to find out!

On my way to work this morning:

Being ever Your Courageous Blogpal, I turned left, despite the chaos that would ensue if I was attacked and killed by some giant creature before I had the chance to turn in grades. As it happened, however, I didn't see anything lumbering or slumbering by the side of the road.

Update, 9AM: Dorotha thinks that instead of this being a sign warning me of a large animal to my left, I was supposed to read it as an instruction for myself as a large animal to turn left. Which I did!


Whiny McWhinerson said...

So are our grades ready yet? Come on!!!

*dancing around as if I have to go pee really bad*

Anonymous said...

large animals that read?! wow - we grow them smart around here...