Saturday, May 07, 2005

commencement puzzle

My friend Kathryn is walking through her university's Ph.D. graduation ceremony this weekend. Friday night, her parents asked her whether she wanted her graduate present then or after the ceremony. Her parents have apparently been making little allusions for weeks about how they had bought just the right gift for the occasion, and Kathryn suggested that it might be a piece of jewelry. Canny woman of the new millenium that she is, Kathryn replied that she'd rather wait, unless the gift would be something that would "enhance her outfit" for the ceremony.

"No," her mother said immediately, in a way that made Kathryn think the gift must not be anything wearable at all. Then she added: "Or, at least, it'd be pretty tacky."

At which point Kathryn's dad chimed in: "But you'd never have to worry about losing your keys again!"

Which resulted in both Kathryn's parents laughing uncontrollably for some protracted period of time. Whatever this exchange meant, to them it was hilarious.

So now Kathryn has no idea what her parents might have gotten her. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

either a keychain or a car with a keyless entry and ignition system.

dorotha said...

if it is a keychain, i think i will laugh for a protracted period of time. that would rule.