Sunday, May 08, 2005

the itinerary

May 9, 8:10am: Depart Madison (United 5552)
May 9, 12:14pm: Arrive Seattle (United 331)

May 11, 11:15pm: Depart Seattle (United 380)
May 12, 4:57am: Arrive Chicago (United 5557)

May 12, 5:40pm: Depart Chicago (AF 0051)
May 13, 8:50am: Arrive Paris

May 15, 12:35pm: Depart Paris (AF 2346)
May 15, 2:50pm: Arrive Warsaw

May 19, 7:05am: Depart Warsaw (AF 1247)
May 19, 3:25pm: Arrive Chicago (AF 0050)

May 20, 7:20am: Depart Madison (NW 1136)
May 20, 11:42am: Arrive State College, PA (NW 3208)

May 22, 4:08pm: Depart State College, PA (NW 3001)
May 22, 7:34pm: Arrive Madison (NW 1687)

May 26, 11:55am: Depart Madison (Con 3231)
May 26, 5:00pm: Arrive Boston (Con 1030)

May 30, 5:45pm: Depart Boston (Con 1431)
May 30, 9:14pm: Arrive Madison (Con 2382)

Jun 1, 6:20am: Depart Madison (United 5837)
Jun 1, 9:47am: Arrive Aspen (United 7053)

Jun 4, 4:40pm: Depart Aspen (United 7071)
Jun 4, 11:01pm: Arrive Madison (United 5572)


Anonymous said...

jesus, jeremy, you've made me feel a lot better about my next few weeks...and i didn't think that was possible. hell, i only have to go back and forth to texas, and only twice. and to think *i* was going to give up on washing clothes and just buy new socks and t-shirts at target. i'll bet your wardrobe doubles by june.

dorotha said...

omg, liz is so right about travel and the need to buy extra clothes when laundry can't be done. i hope you come back wearing traditional polish garb.

Corrie said...

It's totally a shame that you don't watch the Amazing Race, because with all your crazy jet-setting you could do a funny take-off of the show on your blog.

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope you intend to blog regularly on your travels. Those of us you are not jet-setting around the world will still need a little something each day to keep us going.