Tuesday, June 19, 2007

(evanston) overheard

"Would the two of you like another round?"
"Well, we actually have a slight problem."
"What's that?"
"Him, he just wants another round of what he's having. Me, I would like something different."
"Of course."
"See, what I want is weird, and I'm worried you'll judge me."
"I won't judge you."
"It's weird, though, and I wilt easily when judged by others. I recently had this troll on my blog--"
"You have got to let that troll thing go."
"We have people order weird things here all the time, believe me."
"So, what I want is a rum and coke."
"And, I'd also like a chocolate malt with extra malt."
"You think I'm weird. I can tell."
"Do you want that all in the same glass?"
"No, separate glasses."
"You want the rum and coke in the same glass."
"Right. And the chocolate malt and the extra malt in the same glass, but not the glass with the rum and coke."
"Gotcha. Rum and coke, and chocolate malt."
"With extra malt. Life is too short to get a chocolate malt and not get extra malt."
"True dat."
"Extra true."


Mary said...

Speaking of, you haven't posted lately on how that thing that gives you praise online when you drop a pound or two is going. So... how's it going?

Extra malt and liquor. No, not that kind of extra malt. The boyish kind. Very "rebel without a mom around." Heh, I like it.

jeremy said...

We are currently in a "setback" phase on the diet front. Travelling is diet poison. When this trip is done, I should have a nice stretch back in Cambridge, and am more optimistic.

Sarahliz said...

I need to find a place where I can get a chocolate malt AND a rum and coke (except not a rum and coke because I don't drink rum and coke usually).

Wait, I actually know of such a place. Woohoo. I think you may have inspired new heights of decadence. I think, though, that I'd want my malt with a drink that isn't so sweet.

jeremy said...

Sarahliz: Yes, I think you are exactly right about the wanting a drink less sweet.

eszter said...

See, you fit right in if someone was willing to assume you might want it all in one glass! But no worries, I think I've already desensitized all waiters in Evanston when it comes to wacky drink requests ('cause you know, room temperature is soooo wacky!). [I tried to post this yesterady, but ran into problems.]