Monday, June 25, 2007

the guillotine choke hold wouldn't be nearly so scary if it was over the internet

Ray Mercer tried his hand at mixed martial arts this weekend. The result? He's sticking with boxing.

The former WBO world heavyweight champion and Olympic gold medalist lost to noted Internet street fighter Kimbo Slice in Atlantic City, N.J., this weekend in a fight that lasted just 1:12. Mercer submitted to Slice's guillotine choke hold.
First, you'd think someone would be extra wary of the "guillotine choke hold" when up against someone surnamed "Slice." But, more importantly, what makes someone an Internet street fighter?

Speaking of Internet fighting, I just installed this application that allows one to play Rock, Paper, Scissors over Facebook, including keeping detailed records of your past plays for opponents to study.


Ken Houghton said...

Great. meaning you have to analysis your own results in SPSS just to make certain you're on a level playing field.

jeremy said...

Speaking of software packages, I just got Stata 10 today! I'm not prone to saying things like "Yippee!", but, yippie!