Friday, June 29, 2007

just what i needed. a virtual baby wallaby.


So, at the urging of a friend who shall not be named, I've adopted a baby wallaby on Facebook. Can somebody pet it for me? (Part of the social networking of Facebook is that you are not allowed to pet your own wallaby.) I'd just as soon have it stay alive at least through the end of the week.


Corey said...

I can't figure out how you pet the wallaby. This facebook stuff is mysterious.

Ang said...

They won't let you pet your own wallaby.


Kieran said...

What happens if it dies?

jeremy said...

I'm not sure what happens if one's wallaby dies, but it can't be a pretty sight.

eszter said...

Jeremy, I already outed myself on my own blog so I think it's okay to name me. But thanks for being considerate.

Clarification. You CAN pet your own wallaby. You just don't get any munny for it. (Munny then lets you buy food, for those not in the know.)

I'm pretty sure only Facebook members can pet people's (fluff)Friends, so in reality, this is just a way we're trying to get more of you to join.:-)

Skippy is quite aggressive, by the way, for such a cute-looking creature.

Facebook is down, otherwise I'd go pet your wallaby.

My Turquoise is also in need of some affection folks, fyi.

Kieran, is this a challenge? You want us to kill our pets just so we can answer your question? Harsh.

dorotha said...

i tried to pet your wallaby, but i don't think i was successful. i also tried to add a (fluff)Friend of my own, but definitely failed at that. facebook is capricious.

Janelle Renee said...

I tried petting your wallaby, but Flickr wouldn't allow me the pleasure. I scrolled my mouse over it, if that's any sort of consolation.