Friday, June 08, 2007

dispatch from crowded bar in cambridge, ma

At Architecture in Helsinki show near Central Square. I am the oldest
person here. They were supposed to be twee. The bass is turned up so
loud I might pass a stone or something. To quote a band after my time
and yet now well past theirs, "What the hell am I doing here? I don't
belong here."

I was expecting them to do more Australian stuff. Like I thought the
lead singer would be hurling wombat blood at the audience. Instead,
not even a reference to how 'tater tots' in Australia are called
'potato gems.'


Tina said...

I disagree with your assessment of whose time we are well past, both in terms of bands and sociologists.

jeremy said...

Tina: Sure, point taken.

Brady said...

I saw 'em a while back opening for clap your hands say yeah, and I was similarly unimpressed. (CYHSY was okay, but they're kindof a two-trick pony, at least live.)

The Arcade Fire last week, on the other hand, blew my mind.

jeremy said...

Brady: I enjoyed the show for the most part, although I had to leave when my cold led me to start coughing ridiculously.