Wednesday, June 27, 2007

don't think all that taupe is going to hold me back

The room that will be my office at Northwestern is being renovated (in anticipation of my arrival? I'm not sure.) The only part over which I was given input was the choice of paint colors, and then only from the neutral palette. One of my options, though, was called "Marilyn's Dress." I started at Wisconsin in January 2001, which means I'm now in my seventh year post-Ph.D., and so the idea of picking a color that was a reference to Seven Year Itch was so amusing to me that I chose that on those grounds alone.

I haven't decided whether or to what extent I'm going to do up my office with the magnets, science toys, mobiles, and Magic 8-balls like I did at Madison. (A couple people at Madison were fond of bringing visitors by my office when giving tours, with the assessments including "It's sort of like a pediatrician's office" and "It's sort of like a county fair.") On the one hand, I'm more grown-up now. On the other hand, I've thought there might be some virtue on straightaway getting a high calibration on the eccentric-o-meter. An extra digit on the other hand is also that, back when I was in Madison, I had this nagging worry that my office might be perceived as being juvenile and this could adversely affect my tenure; now, I have this nagging worry that it might be perceived as juvenile and, and, eh, so what?


eszter said...

On the one hand, I'm more grown-up now.

This made me laugh. But then again, I didn't really know you then so how could I possibly know? (I'm not sure I see that much difference compared to the 1993 you, but I didn't know you that well then either.)

high calibration on the eccentric-o-meter

As if you have to do much extra to achieve that!

and, and, eh, so what?


The toy collection in my office could use additions if you decide to opt out. Plus I should branch out and allow my turtles to have some non-turtle friends.

I do think campus could use a few more offices with fun elements of the sort though so I recommend keeping the style.

PS. I'm confused. Isn't Tuesday just beginning? Then why am I commenting on a Wednesday post? You've skipped days before and survived just fine, why return to this system?

dorotha said...


H said...

Go eccentric. Having a grown-up office is for the birds.

AK said...

My office at my new job is not giving me a choice not to be eccentric: the walls are bright, puke green. I actually really like it, but the secretary was very apologetic about it when I visited last week. I guess they couldn't get approval to paint over it this summer, or something. So I say, just go for crazy.

Mary said...

what would Charles Moskos do ??